How To Save Pets From Disaster

Cute-Dog-White-PicturesAfter the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, animal rescue was up an about saving dogs from Fukushima Daiichi disaster. Still many died with more languishing in the streets, as it was impossible for their guardians to take them. However the one thing that was clear was that animal disaster preparedness or any other emergency plan was lacking. In this case here are a number of things to do to save pets from disasters

Train your Pet 

The best way to ensure that your pet is safe from disaster, is training it to be disaster aware. In this regard by making mock disasters, train your dog to listen to commands and ignore all other distractions in such cases. Using your pet’s favorite hideout when they are scared is important to ensure they survive. In this case they will be more willing to come out of their safety hideout and to you, to safely be secured.

Emergency plan inclusion

4f364615e255131299bce36f8aaba0d2With there being disasters time and again, many people are often advised to make emergency plans to take their family to safety. In this case when making the said plans, it is important to include your pet in the plans. Always have additional space in the car or whatever means of transport is being used. Looking for pet friendly hotel should also be done, however it is always best to look for such when the emergency alarms are raised. Still if your emergency plan does not include your pet, adjustments should be made accordingly until it becomes natural to include them.

Learn pet first aid 

beagleThe first thing when the Fukushima Daiichi disaster survivors received was adequate first aid to ensure they are in the best health possible. However the opposite happened when it came to saving dogs from Fukushima Daiichi disaster. This is for the simple reason that although not many were saved, the few that did get that chance did not receive medical attention due to lack of knowledge. In this case as a pet owner it is important to learn how to perform first aid on your pet to save it regardless of the situation in question. In fact this has been made easier as within Red Cross is a comprehensive guide on Dog First Aid and Cat First Aid.

It is good to note that even after the disaster has passed, keeping your pet by your side is vital. This is for the simple reason that familiar landmarks and scents have vanished and will easily get lost and hurt in the process.

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