Hachiko : The Famously Loyal Akita

hachicko-7As the spring draws near, more and more people are out with their pets, playing with them, walking them and enjoying their loyal company. As we all watch this kind of frolicking, we can’t stop to think about the strong bond between a dog and his owner. An incredible example of this kind of a bond between a human and a dog is portrayed in bittersweet story of loyalty and loss, the tale of Hachiko. He was born in the year 1923 and was adopted in the year 1924 by a professor named Hidesaburo who worked at University of Tokyo. Hachiko belonged to the breed Akita Inu which is found in Japan. The two shared an immensely loving bond right away. They both were so close that Hachiko would come to meet Hidesaburo at the end of everyday at the train station of Shibuya.

How He Became Famous
Hachiko was just a normal loving pet until the year 1925 when his loyalty towards his owner became legendary. One day his owner Hidesaburo never returned back home from his work. He suffered a brain hemorrhage at work and died on May, 1925. Still, Hachiko patiently waited for his owner to return from work at the station. Soon authorities came to knew that his owner has died and Hachiko was provided with a new home. But yet every single day, he escaped back to Hidesabura’s home and went to the station in hope that his beloved owner will show up. Hachiko soon stopped searching for Hidesbura’s home and realized the fact that he did not live there anymore but everyday he visited the railway station to wait for his return. This ritual continued for nine years during which Hachiko would wait patiently for his owner at the train station even during harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. He was fed by the passengers who had seen him with his owner during their past days.

Hachiko soon became a national icon for loyalty and immense love in Japan. He lived to see his bronze statue erected in his honour at the train station of Shibuya in the year 1934 but soon died after that in the year 1935. One more statue of Hachiko rests in Odate which is his hometown. The story of Hachiko is told in various movies like Scooby Doo And The Samurai and an American Movie called Hachiko starring Richard Gere.

Hachiko’s loyalty towards his owner is a legendary tale which portraits an immensely strong bond between a human and his pet.

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